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About Us


Sakura is a Sports, Cultural and Social Association of Holistic Philosophy in Costa da Caparica. It is a non-profit entity, created in 2024, with the aim of promoting and developing cultural and recreational activities in the region of Costa da Caparica, Portugal.

Located in the municipality of Almada, Costa da Caparica is known for its beautiful beaches, natural landscapes, and rich history. Sakura emerges as a way of valuing and preserving the cultural and historical identity of this region, through various initiatives and events.

One of the main activities developed by Sakura is the promotion of cultural events (which aim to raise awareness of local history and traditions) and sports events, which aim to raise awareness of local history and traditions. Among these events, popular festivals stand out, with the typical popular marches, festivities and traditional dances, which liven up Costa da Caparica throughout the year.

In addition, Sakura also organizes exhibitions, lectures and workshops, which address various topics related to the history, culture and traditions of the region. These initiatives aim to raise awareness of the importance of preserving and enhancing the cultural and historical heritage of Costa da Caparica.

The recreational component is also one of Sakura's aspects. The association promotes sports activities, such as Pilates, Functional Training and others where Muay Thai tournaments stand out. In addition, Sakura has an amateur theatre group, which has been performing several plays.

Sakura also has a strong concern for the local community, promoting solidarity actions and support for charities. Through campaigns to collect food, clothes and toys, the association has helped to improve the lives of many people in the region.


Sakura also aims to promote integration and conviviality between its members and the community in general. Preserve and enhance the culture and traditions of the region.


Sakura seeks to develop a wide range of activities and events for the local community and to be a meeting point for all those who want the best for Costa da Caparica.

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